Ibiza, Islas Baleares
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¿How to get a round the island?

Transports available in Ibiza

Ibiza is a small island, with a distance from end to end of about 40 kilometers and a width of about 15. With these distances it is easy to explore. If you decide to travel to Ibiza, something you should take into account is transportation.

When to travel to Ibiza?

The best time to visit Ibiza is with the arrival of good weather, especially April, May, June, September or October, which corresponds to the middle season, good weather is assured and the great tourist mass that concentrates has not yet arrived. in July and August.

If, on the other hand, you are a lover of bustle and social relations, July and August are your months.

Public transportation

There are a large number of lines, however, it may not be the best  option due to the frequency and how long it usually takes to arrive, but depending on where you go if it can be a good option, For example, Line 14 Playa den bossa Ibiza, departs every 20 minutes all day. If you want to go out to party, the DISCO BUS service (a bus all night with different lines to the main leisure areas and discos). Don't take risks, don’t drink and drive.


In Ibiza there are a lot of Taxis, it is a good option, which will not be cheap unless you share the expenses in a group (max 4 people).

If you need a taxi, these are the contact numbers:

Ibiza: (+ 34) 971 39 84 83
San José: (+ 34) 971 80 00 80
San Antonio: (+34) 971 34 37 64
San Juan: (+34) 971 33 33 33
Sta. Eulalia: (+34) 971 33 30 33

Car or motorcycle rental

It is perhaps the best option and the one that will give you more freedom when moving around the island.

There is a wide variety of offers ,motorcycle and cars, keep in mind that in high season the stock usually runs out, for which you will have to be a little more anticipatory if this is your chosen option in July or August. Without a doubt, if you want to explore the corners of the island, go your own way, car or motorcycle rental is your perfect ally.